Factors that Impact the Cost of a New Roof

How much does a new roof cost? This is typically the first question that comes up when a property owner realizes that the existing roof needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this as every roofing job is different.

To give a proper roof estimate, a reputable roofing contractor will have to physically visit the property and do some measurement as well as inspect the health of the roof system. Below are several factors that are taken into account when estimating the roof replacement cost.

Size of your Roof

The larger your roof is, the more you will pay for a new one. Larger surface areas require more materials and more labour.

Valleys and Peaks

Covering a straight section of roof is relatively simple. Correctly protecting areas where two roof lines meet is more challenging. Valleys require special equipment and additional work, as well corners and peaks. Having areas like this on your roof will affect the cost of the roof replacement.

Roof Pitch

Steep roofs are more dangerous to work on and require more safety equipment for the workers. Temporary railings, harnesses and cleats that must be used on steep roofs will all affect the new roof cost.

Roof Accessibility

Some houses are easier to get to than others. If the materials can be driven right to your house, the final price will be lower than if the materials have to be hauled any distance.

Roofing Material

There are different roofing materials to choose from. Some are more expensive than others. A copper roof looks amazing and is certain to last a long time. Because of this, it is also quite expensive. Architectural shingles will also vary in price, depending on the brand that is chosen. While the desire to save money is understandable, it is important to still choose high quality shingles.

Roof Shingles Tear-off

One layer of roof shingles is ideal, having a second layer is tolerable, but going for a third layer is completely unacceptable. Ideally there should only be one layer of shingles on the roof. How many layers are currently on the roof to be removed will affect the final price of your new roof.

The Extras

Chimneys and skylights add charm to your roof, but they also increase the price. Working around these items requires additional materials and labour, increasing the overall price of your new roof.

Repairs to the Roof System

Neglecting a roof can leave you with substantial damages on the interior of your home, as well as damage to the roof deck. If the existing plywood is rotted, it must be replaced. The cost of plywood and labour for installing a new piece will also increase the overall price.


Ice protection must be installed on the lower edge of your roof, inside the line of the walls. If you have large overhangs or covered porches, this will increase the amount of ice shielding that must be used. Your new roof will be stronger and more secure, but the new roof cost will be higher.

Get a Proper Roof Estimate

With so many factors playing into the cost of your new roof, it becomes clear that a roof estimate cannot be easily given online. Trust the professionals to give you a roof that will protect your home and family, and trust them to give you an accurate estimate. Along with the estimated final price, a professional roofer will be happy to explain all aspects of the price. Don’t neglect your roof a moment longer. Every week that goes by is another week that your existing roof could fail, or the costs of materials could rise further.

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