Components of Modified Bitumen Flat Roof Installations

There are many different installation options for low-sloped or flat roof homes and buildings, depending on the requirements and preferences of the property owner. At Smart Roofing, we have the expertise and the experience working with various flat roof systems, including the Modified Bitumen flat roof installation method. This type of flat roof can be used on both residential houses and commercial buildings in the GTA.

Modified Bitumen flat roof systems are made up of several layers of bitumen and natural stone granulate and applied with a non-flame, cold-adhesive method as it is unrolled into the base layer(s) of the roof. This flat roof system can be installed on any type of roof deck material and usually consists of the following layers:

  • Vapour Barrier:

    The vapour control layer is an essential layer to reduce the risk of condensation, which is an important layer for the climate we have in Toronto. This layer allows moisture to escape from within the home or building.

  • Flat roof insulation:

    All low-sloped roofs or flat roofs require insulation that is properly nailed-down with the appropriate r-value insulation to deal with our Toronto winters.

  • Overlay Board/Protection Board:

    The overlay board or protection board layer act as a substrate for the modified bitumen flat roof membrane. They come in various thicknesses and board sizes. The overlay boards must be installed properly to ensure that water will not pool in certain areas and cause faster deterioration of the flat roof.

  • Base sheet:

    Base sheets are applied onto the overlay board, which acts as the water proof seal on flat roofs. Experienced flat roof installers will know the right amount of overlap to ensure that water will not get up under the seams.

  • Cap sheet:

    This is the top layer of a low-sloped rubber roof. A popular material used for flat roof installation is the modified bitumen torched down rubber. Experienced installer will know the proper amount of heat to apply so that seams are welded without destroying the rubber.

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