How Much Does a Flat Roof Cost in Ontario

While shingle roofs are the most popular type of roofs in the Toronto and Mississauga area, flat roofs are also popular in both commercial buildings and residential homes. In recent years within the GTA, flat roofs have become trendy in the more contemporary building designs as it maximizes the available space for a property.

The most common flat roof system uses the Modified Bitumen System, a two-ply vulcanized system that is much stronger than the single-layer iron-on-system. So how much does it cost to replace a flat roof? Just like there are many different factors that impact the price of shingle roofs, there are also various factors that impact the price of flat roofs.

Factors That Impact the Price of Flat Roof

  • Height of the Roof:

    Tall flat-roofed properties tend to be more expensive that shorter houses, because a flat roofer will need to add a chute to bring the old roofing material down to the bottom.

  • Accessibility:

    Generally, houses in Toronto are closer together than houses in Mississauga, so properties that are not as easily accessible for a dump truck to enter may require the need to remove old flat roofing material using wheelbarrows. This will tend to increase the price of your flat roofing quote. In some cases, the roofer may need to consider going from one roof to another to access the flat roof as well.

  • Existing Flat Roof Layers:

    The number of layers on the flat roof has a big impact on the cost of replacing your flat roof. A flat roof with nothing on it will be much cheaper to install new flat roof material vs a flat roof with 8 inches of the old roofing material. And the cost is ever higher in older from the 1920s -1940s where fibrous material were used on flat roofs.

  • Obstacles:

    The numbers of obstacles on the roof has an impact on the cost for replacing your flat roofs. Obstacles can include siding, vents, AC units and posts on decks. For example, if you have a house with a siding and posts all the way around, then before new flat roofing material can be installed, a roof contractor will need to take the siding off, cut the posts out or flash each posts.

Flat Roof Replacement Prices

In general, flat roofs will range from $10.00/sq. ft. to $20.00/ sq. ft. An easily accessible flat roof with not too many obstacles will be on the lower end of the range, while a high flat roof with many obstacles and have many old roofing materials will be on the high end of the price range.

To get a more accurate quote, it is best to have a flat roof specialist check your flat roof. Smart Roofing has been doing flat roof replacement and installation for over 20 years, and would be happy to handle all your roofing requirements.

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