Top 5 Reasons Why Your Roof is Leaking

Having been in the roof repair business for over 20 years, we at Smart Roofing have seen almost all kinds of roofing issues in Mississauga and Toronto area. Our advice to any homeowner with a leaky roof is to fix it immediately, because unfortunately, even small leaks can quickly lead to bigger problems such as mold and rotten wood. The good news is that when roof leaks are caught early and fixed immediately, you can minimize the damage and roof repair costs to your home.

One of the questions we frequently get is, “My roof is fairly new. Why is my roof leaking?” Based on our experience, we have observed that roof leaks are primarily caused by the following factors:

Old roof shingles

A roof is more likely to leak as it gets older because roof shingle deteriorates, especially organic shingles. However, just because shingles are old and weathered doesn’t mean the shingles are damaged. Shingle quality plays a role in how quickly shingles deteriorate over time, as well as the degree of slope of the roof, amount of exposure to UV radiation, large daily temperature swings, and whether there is proper insulation and ventilation within the entire roof system.

Poor quality roof shingles

As mentioned above, shingle quality has an impact on how long roof shingles last, Be aware of the many different qualities of roof shingles, and their accompanying warranties, from various roof shingle manufacturers. As an excample, there have been cases in Ontario where roof shingles did not hold up to the manufacturer’s stated lifespan. In fact, CBC reported on this a few years back. Needless to say, the quality of roof shingles you use play an important role in how well they hold up to the elements.

Animals and tree limbs

Animals, especially raccoons and squirrels, can cause a lot of damage to your roofs. They tend to tear off roof shingles or pull on vents to try to find an opening into your home. Tree branches and limbs that constantly rub on the shingles also increases the likelihood of roof leaks, so we recommend doing an inspection regularly.

Wind and outside elements

Wind can blow away roof shingles and improperly fastened roof flashings. If missing shingles and flashings are not quickly replaced, rain and snow will eventually find their way into ceilings and walls, resulting in major roof repair bills down the road.

Poor roof installation

You may buy the best quality roof shingles, but if they are not properly installed, your roof will start leaking in no time. Proper roof installation includes laying down ice and water barriers and felt underlayment under the shingles as well as making sure that the roof flashings are properly finishing and the shingles are nailed down properly. You can also view some photos of common roof repair problems we have seen in Toronto due to poor roof installation.

Contact Smart Roofing and request a roof inspection and estimate

If your roof is leaking or you see signs that your roof may need repairing or replacing, contact us today and request a roof inspection and estimate. We can help determine the health of your roof shingles and make a recommendation as to whether your roof needs any repairs or whether it needs to be completely replaced.

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