Why Smart Roofing for your Attic Insulation?

Smart Roofing Inc. has been a trusted and reliable provider of roof system services, including attic insulation, to customers in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and surrounding areas for over 15 years.

Our attic insulation service includes insulation removal, ice damming prevention, ventilation upgrades, and air sealing of all electrical penetration, bathroom/kitchen exhaust vent, skylight shaft, knee walls, and attic hatch door.

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4-Step System to Ensuring an Energy Efficient Attic

At Smart Roofing, we take the 4-step system-based approach to ensuring your attic and entire roof system is 100% protected. This includes the attic inspection, attic ventilation, air sealing, and attic insulation.

Attic Inspection

Before we proceed with any type of work, Smart Roofing will perform a complete inspection of your attic, where we will try to locate any weaknesses and sources of air leaks in your attic. We will check the soffit intake ventilation and all areas that requires an air seal, which includes the area behind your knee walls, Common sources of attic air leaksthe exterior wall plate, the attic hatch, all wiring holes and lights, plumbing pipes, dropped ceilings and furnace flues.

Attic Ventilation

At Smart Roofing, we will make sure that you have a balanced ventilation. Balanced ventilation means having a proper intake and exhaust ventilation that will result in your attic temperature being as close to the outside temperature as possible, which will keep your attic dry and will prevent mold formation.

Air Sealing

Most attics have the equivalent of a 2-square-feet hole that lets heat escape through your ceiling and sucks cold air around windows and doors. These gaps, which can be found around plumbing pipes, light fixtures, chimneys and other attic bypasses (see image for sources of air leaks) are hidden under your insulation.

At Smart Roofing, we make sure that we eliminate any type of heat loss by air sealing any attic penetration.

Attic Insulation

properly insulated attic can double the lifespan of your roof, air conditioning and furnace. It also helps prevent the formation of mold, and most importantly, can help you save money on energy bills by stabilizing the temperature of your home.

At Smart Roofing, high efficiency blown-in cellulose insulation is our insulation of choice.

What is Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

Blown-In Cellulose Insulation is a product that is blown into a designated space using a blowing machine. When blown in, cellulose expands to completely fill up a space. Cellulose is made from recycled materials and is treated with fire retardant that slow fires from spreading. Blown-in cellulose insulation is not only a soundproof insulation, it is also resistant to mold and will repulse rodents like mice and racoons.

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